This is the privacy & cookie policy of DesignWorks Photography.

Simple version:

We need some data to do business with you. We keep it safe and give it to no-one else.  If we take photos for you, we need to keep them for you in case something happens. You can look at what we have that relates to you, and have it deleted on request.


Full Version:

In order to run our website, we need to collect and store data about your visit. Some of this data takes the form of cookies to anonymously see demographic information about visitors, as well as monitor what pages are being visited. We use Google Analytics for this. None of this is connected to any data we may have about you. The site also uses cookies to optimise the view for the device you’re browsing the site on, as well as the browser. You can block cookies in your browser, though this will most likely result in a poorer experience on the site.

We use an externally hosted studio management software to manage and administer information you provide to us. This data is held in order to contact you about your enquiry. If you become a client, data will be retained to fulfil business obligations based on this relationship and also in case you need these photos sent on again, or require further photos at a later date. If you don’t become a client, the information will be deleted on request, or after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed (when it’s obvious you’re not going to be a client). If at any point you require us to delete this information, contact us either in writing, by email or by phone and we will do so. If it impedes providing a contractual fulfilment or legal requirement, it may need to wait until that happens before it can be deleted. Please do give notice of this intention, because it may take time to collect it.

As the photographs themselves are central to the business these are retained indefinitely in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you as the client. Any photos of you can be deleted on request in writing, with the understanding that we will no longer be able to provide them again in the future.

In order to continue to secure new business, the best of our work is often entered into competition to achieve awards to further the business. If you, as a client, have requested not to allow this part of your contract, either from social or commercial contracts, then those photos will not be used for such things. This also applies to posting photos to this website, our associated social media and mailing list for promotion of our work. Each social media platform is governed by its own privacy policy in this regard. 

No information about you will be passed or sold to a third party for their use. All devices with this data are password protected. Any data we have about you can be requested or deleted at any point.

If you opt to join our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time from the bottom of any email list message. This mailing list is to notify you of special offers and news relating to our business, along with occasional advice on getting and using great photography for personal and business needs.

This privacy policy will be updated as necessary and is current as of May 25th 2018.



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